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Chamber D, external 2.7 internal 2.0 L. of steel section 4.1. From top of cylinder to base of curve of clamp H. 9.3. Thumbscrew L to top of washer 6.5. Lever L. including handle 14.4, handle L. 5.7. Turn handle L. 6.2, grip L. 4.2, max. D. 2.35.
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Bench cartridge closing machine, steel. Horizontal cylinder for cartridge, open at one end; at open end a screw held lever with waisted pear shaped wooden handle with brass neck ring; splayed U-shaped projection on lever to grip cartridge; lever engraved "12". Opposite end of cylinder; a curved turn handle with wooden grip at right angles, which turns a brass chuck within the end of the chamber; the chuck is a short hollow brass cylinder, the diameter of which matches that of the open end, with a narrow cirumferential groove around the base; the housing of the handle, closing the end of the horizontal cylinder, is of brass, apparently screwed into the end of the horizontal cylinder; the threading for this extends approximately a quarter way along the horizontal cylinder. The horizontal cylinder is cast as one with a G-shaped bench clamp, with oval ended thumbscrew grip; top of screw has a circular washer end. Under-edge of clamp's topside has been cast flat then irregularly punched to raise the metal to grip the bench. Steel left unpainted, wooden handles stained black and varnished.