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H. 24.0 Base L 23.6 Base W. 15.9, Lid L 25.0 Lid W. 16.8. Depth lid 3.8. Label H. 10.0 W. 17.0. Encircling belt W. 2.6. Holding strip W. 2.8. Internal belts L. 62.0 W. 4.9
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Case, leather with white canvas lining. Rectangular case with overlapping lid hinged across the back by the leather of the back continuing over and forming the top of the lid. Brass two-pronged lock on the front, four domed brass feet on endorsed. Handle a leather belt encircling the case, held by passing through strips of leather stitched to the narrow sides, the strips stamped with geometric ornament. Internally, the case is divided with wood, half the height of the case, close to one end. Two belts seal the top, the ends stitched to the internal top of one narrow side, with buckles stitched to opposite side. Printed label in lid, black on white; at centre Royal Arms; gartered shield with helm and crown over, lion and unicorn supporters, two furled flags to each side; "W. Morton & Son, Gunmakers" over; "17, Patrick St., Limerick." below.