Case, apothecarys

Collection object

Box base 17.4 square; H. 19.5, Lid H. 4.8; W. Handle 5.0; H. handle 5.0. Compartments upper; depths of all 7.7; Front L. 4.8 W. 3.6, back L. 4.8 W. 4.8. Drawer; L. 16.3 W. 15.3 H. 6.2. Compartments; back L. 14.5 W. 3.4, centre L. 14.5 W. 5.0, front left L. 7.4 W. 5.9 front right L. 5.9 W. 3.4. Pin. L. 8.7 Head H. 0.7, Head D. 0.6 shank D. 0.4.
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Case, mahogany. Cubical box with brass hinged lid and lower drawer compartment. Brass ear shaped swivel handle in centre of top of lid; inside of lid lined with green felt; two brass hinges, two iron screws to each leaf. Upper compartment divided into ten by thin wooden dividers, six square compartments and four rectangular. Drawer, subdivided into five compartments; two rectangular at rear running full width of drawer, different widths; three at front, two equal size, one double that size. Brass drawer handle consists of a swivel ring recessed into a hemispherical hollow, the whole held by four iron screws at front; swivel ring broken off and only tab remaining. Drawer is locked by a brass pin, with waisted knob head, which fits through a vertical hole in the box beside the lock for the lid into a matching hole in the drawer edge; the lower portion of the pin is broken off. Hole drilled in lid to receive head of pin. Lock; keyhole with brass surround, at front of box; brass plate, on box edge above, with two rectangular holes through; on lid edge an iron plate held with three iron screws, with two projecting lugs each with rectangular perforation through; lugs fit into holes in lower plate.