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L. 86.8, Max W. 31.7, Min W. stem 11.9, T. of back 3.4, D. of barometer at base 24.1, top of glass 19.2. Depth 4.1, thermometer frame L. 25.5 W. 5.0 depth 2.4.
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Barometer. Art Nouveau aneroid banjo barometer, inscribed "Stewart, Limerick". Mahogany? backing with floral inlay surround in yellow olive and brown. Circular white barometer face inscribed in black in capitals, below centre "Stewart/ Limerick", and below the graduated circle "Made in England/ [red capital letters] Aneroid Barometer". Around above the graduated circle, in ornate lettering,with red capital letters "Stormy, Rain, Change, Fair, Very Dry". Inside the scale in plain "Fall/ S.W. ly. S.E. S.W" between 27 and 28 inches; "Wet/ or/ More Wind" between 28 and 29 inches; "Dry/ or/ Less wind" between 30 and 31 inches; and "Rise/ for/ N.E. ly N.W. N.E" between 31 and 26 inches. Blue arrow-headed and crescent tailed pointer; gold coloured arrow-headed movable pointer. Floral compass points around centre. Thermometer white backing graduated in Fahrenheit scale to left, from 10 to 140, with numbers 30, 60, 90 and 120 larger and coloured red; to left Centigrade scale graduated from minus 12 to plus 60, the numbers 0, 20, 40 and 60 being larger and in red; "Freezing" and "Blood Heat" both marked on right scale. On the reverse suspension is by a hole in the wood through a brass plate; there is a second hole to right of centre in the face area.