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Pamphlet, official programme of the Colleen Bawn Fete in aid of St. John's Hospital, June 8th to 13th 1903. 96 pp. The pages contain advertisments for local businesses and for fete stalls (see association below) interspersed with photographs as follows; p.5, Management Committee (including mayor and sherrif), p.11 Advertisment Committee, p.17 Most Rev. Dr. O'Dwyer, Lord Bishop of Limerick, p.19 The Right Worshipful the Mayor, M. Donnelly Esq. p.21 Building and Decorating Committee, p.25 Garryowen Variety Stall, President Mrs. Quinn, p.31 Tea Gardens, p.35 Cigar Divan. President Mrs. Nunan, p.39 Shamrock Indoor Tea Stall. Presidents Mrs. Brophy, Mrs. O'Callaghan, Mrs. P.F. Graham, p.47 Variety Stall. President Mrs. Williams, p.51 St. John's Stall. Presidents Countess Moore and Mrs. Carmody, p.57 Palmistry Grotto. President Mrs. Spillane, p.61 Restaurant, p.64 Restaurant Committee, p.69 Photographic Studio, p.73 Cafe Chantant (female members), p.77 Cafe Chantant (male members), p.83 Indoor Amusements Committe, and p.89 Outdoor Amusements Committee. Pp.15-16 contain the names of the various members of the committees. Pp.13-14 contain a short history of the hospital. P.19, next to the photo of the mayor, lists the running order for the opening ceremony. P.23 has the prices of admission. P.93 lists train times and return fares from various starting points and p.94 the four bands to perform, i.e. Band of the 2nd Batallion King's Regiment, Boherbuoy No. 1 National Brass Band, St. Joseph's Industrial School Band and the Workingmen's Band. Printed throughout in black and white, except for the front cover which is in red and pale green. The cover has a figure of the Colleen Bawn and St. John's Hospital and the price 6d.
COMMITTEES MANAGEMENT: Chairman Mayor M. Donnelly, Hon. Sec. E.J. Long. High Sheriff, Lord Emly, Sir Thomas Cleeve, Sir Vincent Nash, Drs O'Neill, Holmes, Kearney, Lee; Alds S. O'Mara, Michael Joyce, Prendergast; Frs Lee, Hayes; Major Kenny, Messrs D. Tidmarsh, James Quin, J.F. Power, A.W. Shaw, P.E. O'Donnell, J.P. Hall, M. O'Toole, William Lloyd, J.S. Gaffney, J. Doyle, W. Ebrill, J. Spillane, P.E. Bourke, John Dundon, W.M. Nolan, Neville, J.F. Barry, R. Nash, A. Murray, P.J. O'Sullivan, S.F. Ebrill, W.G. Peacocke, M. Fitzgerald, P.J. Walsh, N.G. Barry, J. O'Malley BE, T. Swiney. ADVERTISEMENTS: Chairman J. Kivlehan, Hon. Sec. W.G. Peacocke. Major Kenny, Messrs W. Ebrill, R.P. O'Connor, Frank Corr, Eakins, John Guinane, T. McSwiney, M. Fitzgerald, J.J. Quaide, P.E. O'Donnell, M. Dooley, John Sheahan, J. Williams, J.F. Guinane, A. Hall. BUILDING AND DECORATING. Chairman J. O'Malley BE, Hon. Sec. Dr. J.H. Lee. Ald McDonnell, Messrs W. Gadd, M. Cusack, N.A. Brophy, M. Hayes, S. McCarthy, Joseph Peacocke, W.E. Corbett, John Hayes, P. Bourke, M. Dooley, M. McInerney, Walpole, Bryan Sheehy, D. Enright, T. Ryan, George Ryan. FINANCE: Messrs McCann, Barry, Dr. O'Neill, W. Lloyd, D. Tidmarsh, John Clune, Fr Griffin, N.G. Barry, John Dundon, W.M. Nolan. RESTAURANT: Messrs Blackall, William Lloyd, R. Ray, White, James Flynn, John Egan, Michael Egan, Robert Ryan, Robert Roche, J.H. Roche, P. O'Mealy, Fr Fitzgerald, S. O'Mara, W. Ebrill, P.J. Walsh Hon. Sec. OUTDOOR AMUSEMENTS: Chairman Ald. Prendergast, Hon. Secs. M. Fitzgerald, S.F. Ebrill. Ald M. Joyce, Messrs W. Ebrill, P. O'Neill, J.A. Bourke, John Barry, P. Barry, Fr A. Murphy, Dr Mulcahy, J.M. O'Sullivan, R. Ray, W.B. Joyce, W. DeCourcy, Dr Laird, Ald S. O'Mara, McGuire, W. McGuire, J.F. Barry, James Flynn, E. O'Callaghan, M. O'Callaghan, Hartigan, A. Spain, Major Kenny, J.J. Quaide, W.G. Peacocke, Fr Kelly, Dr Coffey, J. Cusack, A. Nestor, P.J. O'Sullivan, Michael Moylette, M.A. dePrins, P.J. Frost, J. O'Mara, H.J. Guinane, J. Corbett, J. O'Donovan, E. Bennett, J. Mitchell, J. O'Malley BE, J. Shannon, F. Kearney, J. Begley, W. Nicholson. INDOOR AMUSEMENTS. Chairman Malcolm Shaw, Hon Sec P.J. O'Sullivan. Messrs Joseph O'Mara, J. Gaffney, Dr. Graham, J. Doyle, Joseph Sheahan, H. O'Neill, T. Galvin, Dr. Shanahan, O'Hara, Kendal Irwin, S. Hastings, Fr Murphy, A. Fitzgerald, P.E. O'Donnell, J.P. Hall, Bellens, M. Fitzgerald, A. Hall, J.J. Quaide, J.F. Barry, D. O'Callaghan, J. Downey; Misses Clune, Doyle (two), Dillon, K. O'Riordan, O'Mara; Mrses E.J. Long, Ralph Nash. SPORTS: Messrs A. Hall, Dr Mulcahy, W.B. Joyce, Ald Prendergast, Fr Hogan, Major Kenny, A. Spain, J.M. O'Sullivan, P. Healy, W. Ebrill, James Flynn, Joseph O'Mara, J. Halvey, Cole, P. O'Neill, J. Begley, J. Riordan. ADVERTISEMENTS, local Spaight, Sawmill; Williams, 4 Patrick St., Stationer; Kivlehan, 2 George St.; Denny Hams; Murphy Bros., Coal importers; McCarthy, Wine; Guy, George St. & Catherine St.; Murphy, Glentworth St.; Limerick Chronicle. Auchmuty, 6 William Street; Griffin, Garryowen House, 50 Upper William Street; William F. McNamara, 9 Roche's Street; Limerick Leader. Ebrill Brothers, Agricultural Hall, Military Road; John McNamara, 58 Catherine Street, Decorator; Hugh Coyle, 41 George St., Tea, Coffee. Leonard, 67 William St., Ironmonger; McMahon, St. Alphonsus St., Timber; O'Donovan, 17 George St., Hairdresser; Spillane Mineral waters; Tinsly, Fish, salt, oil; Yarmouth Fish Stores, 2 William St; Clarke, 60 William St., tobacco; McKern, 113 George Street, Printer; Egan, 9-11 Patrick Street, Wine; Lynch and Spains, Roche's St., Ham; Sutton's, Mount Kennett Quay, Coal; Fitt, Mart, Thomas St., furniture; Munster News, 51 George St.; Peacocke, 66 William St., Household; Thomas Coffey, Sexton St., paper; Liston's Medical Hall, 108 George St. Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland; District agent E.J. Cunningham, 3 Cecil St., Manager Joseph Tatlow, Broadstone Station, Dublin. William O'Donnell tanyard, Francis Abbey & Gerald Griffin St. W.H. White & Co., 53 George St., Wine; Quin, George St., Patrick St., Ellen St. Wine; Joseph Smith, 40 Wickham St., Grocer; E.G. Fitt, 133 George St. grocer; R. Gibson (late Guy), 114 George St., Photography; City Furnishing Warehouse, 3 Patrick St; T. Roberts, 40 William St., Victualler; C. Stockil, 15 Catherine St., Pork; Goodwin, 64 & 65 William St., Glass and china. Edmund Ludlow, 24 Glentworth St., Emigration Agent. W.H. Owens, Dock Rd., Agent for Whitehaven Coals. James Keane, Furniture Mart, 14 Wickham St. Nestor's, 28 George St., Bicycles. Thomas Walsh, Nelson St., "The World's Wonder", patent cure-all medicine. GARRYOWEN VARIETY STALL: President Mrs. James Quinn assisted by Mrs. D'Alton, Mrs. Cockburn, Miss O'Callaghan, Mr. C. Little, Mr. F. Mc. Carthy, Mr. A. O'G. Lalor etc. Ballinacurra, Fruit and flower stall. President Mrs W.F. McDonnell assisted by Mrs Wise, Clonshire, Miss Little, Clonshire, Mrs Hall Studdert, Hazelwood, Miss Phelps, Waterpark, Mrs Russell, Mount Earl, Miss White, Nantenan and Mrs. Bannatyne. TEA GARDENS: Presidents Mrs James Flynn, Mrs J.H. Roche, Mrs. W. O'Connell assisted by the Misses, Riordan, O'Neill, Devane, Roche, O'Connell, Geraghty (2), Cregan, Kivlehan (3), Cahill (2), O'Connor, Guiney, O'Flynn, Frost, Cusack (2), Hanrahan, McNamara, Hogan, Dowling, Collopy, Hartigan, McNamara, Gubbins, O'Brien, O'Malley, O'Connor, Nash, Ryan and Howard. CIGAR DIVAN: President Mrs Nunan assisted by Misses Costelloe, Brown, Nunan, Mary Kelly, McInerny, White, Kelly, Byrne, Donoghue, Enright, Gilligan, Mahony and Gleeson. SHAMROCK INDOOR TEA STALL and BALL ROOM (Under patronage of Presentation Nuns), Presidents Mrses Brophy, O'Callaghan, P.F. Graham assisted by Mrses P. Lynch, Condon, Misses Boyne, O'Callaghan, Cantillon (2), Corbett (2), McCoy, O'Donnell, Dowling, Power Darling, Egan, FitzGerald, Frost, Joint (2), Patten (2), Kirby, Vaughan, Wallace (2), O'Connor, Clery and McElligot. Ball room presided over by Mrs. Brophy, O'Callaghan and Graham, assisted by Misses O'Callaghan, J. Fitzgerald Windle, Laffan, McCoy, Joint, Hastings, O'Donnell and Master M. Graham. ERIN STALL: President Mrs. Tidmarsh, assisted by The Lady Emly, Mrs O'Neill and the Misses O'Connell. VARIETY STALL: President Mrs. Williams, assisted by Mrses Merrick, O'Donovan, McMahon, Lynch, Begley, Misses Maud Williams, Mai Williams, Katty McCarthy, Nan McCarthy, Harty, Lillie Fitzmaurice, Nellie Hartigan, Lucy McCabe, Humphreys, Bessy Humphreys, Quaid, Josie McMahon and Eily O'Connor. COLLEEN BAWN THEATRE: Conducted by Joseph Cusack, Ladies committee, Mrses Hanrahan, Edwards, J. Lynch, Misses Cusack (2), Quaid O'Shea. Mr Bernard's Orchestra of Mandolines and violins, dancing by Messrs. O'Neill and Halpin. ST. JOHN'S STALL: President Countess Moore and Mrs. Carmody, assisted by Misses Carmody, Dot Carmody, Ethel Carmody. Raffle prizes presented by, A Murray Esq., P. Vaughan Esq., Ross, O'Brien's Bridge, Messrs. Quin, Mrs. Wallace, Goodwin & Co, Messrs. Egan. MILSEAIN (Sweets): President Lady Nash, assisted by Mrses Beemish Lloyd, Morley, Martin White, Misses French, L French, Roche-Kelly. Raffle prizes donated by, the Lord Bishop, Messrs. Guy & Co, Messrs. O'Connor & Co and Miss Coleman, Rutland St. PALMISTRY GROTTO: President Mrs. Spillane, assistants Mrses John Spillane, Philips, Hetreed, Misses Spillane and Josie Spillane. TEACH OSTA: Presidents, Mrses Kearney, Lloyd, O'Mara, Ray, Ebrill. Assistants, Misses Begley, Carrick, Cashel, K. Cashel, D. Cashel, Comyns, Cusack, J. Cusack, Daly, N. Daly, Ebrill, Glynn, A. Glynn, Hartigan, Hodgson, Mayne, McDonnell, McSwiney, Moloney, Nestor, S. Nestor, L. Nestor, O'Brien, O'Donnell, O'Halloran, D. O'Halloran, O'Mara, N. O'Mara, K. O'Mara, Ryan, Peacocke; Mrses Hanrahan, McKern, O'Sullivan; Messrs J. Begley, Colfer, R. deCourcy, C.E. Ebrill, D.J. Ebrill, M. Finucane, Guinane, J. Halpin, Hutchison, E. Lloyd, T. McSwiney, Moloney, O'Halloran, T. O'Mara, O. Mahony, J. Ray, Twiss, Dr Ryan. EMERALD STALL: President Mrs. S. McCarthy, assisted by Mrses Magee, F.W. McCarthy, McNamara, Misses Delaney, Foley, McMahon, Anderson, M.Foley, Conway, K. Magee, May McCarthy, Clare McCarthy, O'Gorman. COLLEEN BAWN PHOTO STUDIOS: President Miss O'Shea, assisted by Misses O'Neil, Burke, Brinn, Hall, Irwin, L. O'Halloran, O'Halloran, G. Poole, Shannon, Waters, A. Waters. CAFE CHANTANT: Lady President Mrs. Ralph Nash, Conductor C. Kendal Irwin Lady Assistants, Mrses W. deCourcy, Van Ness, Shanahan, Hutchison O'Reilly, J.P. Hall, J.C. Ryan, Misses Pemberton Harrisson, Nash (2), O'Gorman, Lloyd, Gertie O'Gorman, Kathleen Harris, O'Neill, Moira Hynes, Ryan, Daisy Carroll, Anna Hall, Corbett, O'Brien-Kelly, Kathleen deCourcy. Stewards Messrs William deCourcy, J.R. Barry, Fred P Smith, Capt. Hutchison O'Reilly, Fred McKiernan, P.J. O'Sullivan, Percy Alton, Edward Leahy, W.C. Nicholson, C. O'Hara D.I., R. Hunt, E. Bennett, Willie Halpin, Fred O'Gorman, Fred Haran, C. Glynn, Ralph Nash, Master W. deCourcy. CAFE CHANTANT: under the direction of C. Kendal Irwin I.S.M. assisted by Messrs. F.A. Johnson, J. Spillane, J.F. Windle, J.P. Hall, and E. Bennett. Artistes; Misses Edith Marks, Cork; Quaid; Kennedy, Nenagh; Mai Hickie, Ennis; Madge Hanrahan LCV; Kitty Ryan; Anna Hall; Minnie O'Brien; McDonnell; Kathleen Harris, McMahon, Lily O'Halloran; J. Spillane; Devane; Annie Waters; Toomey; Gerty Dowling; May McDonnell, Rathkeale; Maude Williams; Glynn; Riordan; Hartigan; McCormack; Rosie Wallace; Halpin; K. O'Shaughnessy; Jessie Clery; Mrses Hutchison O'Reilly; Poole, Kilrush; Cusack; Hetreed; Hanrahan; Edwards; Van Ness; Messrs Cecil G. Mitchell, Dublin; Michael Enright; Frank Pilkinton, Kilrush; Wolsely Charles, Dublin; Harry O'Dea, London; J. Sheehan, Moody Manners Opera Co; Hugh O'Neill's celebrated Colleen Bawn Dancers; W.C. Nicholson; J.P. Wren, Dublin; A.W. Trousdell; Ralph Nash; Mr. Bernard's Mandolin Band; Peter Cronin; J. McGrath; Joe O'Mara; J.P. Hall;

Bishop Edward O'Dwyer (associated with)
O'Connor & Co (printer)