Address, illuminated

Collection object

Frame H. 112.9 W. 72.2 Mounting card H. 98.0 W. 57.0 Illuminated area H. 89.0 W. 49.0 Arch interior H. 66.7 W. 27.2 Photo of abbey H. 13.0 W. 20.3 D. arms 7.3 Photos of couple 9.0 x 6.6.
Address, illuminated, to Thomas J O'Sullivan from the people of Kilmallock on the occasion of his marriage, 1890s. Illuminated by Henry O'Shea, Limerick. The text is framed in a cut-out gothic arch in the mounting board. Above the text are coloured photographs of the couple, the wife (nee Cusack) l., around and between which is a floral scene, in ink, containing a cupid, a pair of parrots on a bow and arrow, and scrolls inscribed Happiness and Prosperity. The text, in ornate lettering, is in red, black, gold and blue, and is autographed below in two columns by 1. Robert Coll JP, Chairman, County Council, P D Clery, Daniel Clery, P J Clery MD, coroner, Maurice P Geary, solicitor, James Mortell DC, G N Harris CPS 2. James W Joyce, John Doherty BL, Maurice O'Grady, Michael Gubbins, Nicholas Gaffney, S Campion and T Duff, secretary. Outside the arch, the mounting board is ornamented, within borders of tied logs on the outside and against the arch on each side, with panels of gilt with a heavily clothed angel at the top of each, that on l. playing a lute, that on r. a harp. The clothing of the angels hangs to midway down the arch. The lower half of the panels contain, on each side, three flowers on leafed stems arranged vertically. The bottom of the mounting board has three horizontal panels, outlined with tied logs, containing, within cut-outs, in the centre a rectangular painted over photograph of the Dominican Friary, Kilmallock; to l. the arms of O'Sullivan, to r. arms of Cusack, the surrounding mounting card gilt. Below centre inscribed Illuminated by Henry O'Shea, Limerick. Ornate gilt frame with raised floral motifs, plaster on wood.

Henry O'Shea (illuminator)