Pattern maker's tool

Collection object

L. stem 44.45 L. broad portion 26.9 W. 2.2 T. 0.2 L. narrow section 12.4 Below repair 0.7 x 0.3 L. base 5.0 W. 2.2 T. 0.2
Pattern makers tool of J Finnan. Iron. A larger version of 84.104-106. Consists of an L-shaped strip of metal, rectangular in cross section. The broad axis of the cross section on the base of the L-shape is horizontal when the tool is vertical. The change of axis on the stem occurs at the lower part of the narrow section of the stem, below which there is a long triangular widening to slightly rounded shoulders one cm above the base. The narrow section of the stem widens gradually to the broad two thirds of the stem. There is an extensive repair in bronze on the narrow section. The top of the stem has rounded corners and is bevelled to a sharp edge. The base is of even width, but thins slightly towards its tip. One face of the broad section of the stem is stamped with the owners name: J. Finnan, and the bronze repair is stamped on the opposite face with the letter F.