Pattern maker's tool

Collection object

L. 17.2 W. 7.7 L. rod 12.6 D. max rod 0.7 Spatulae 1. L. 4.0 W. 1.3 H. 0.5 T. wall 0.15 2. L. 4.2 W. 0.9 H. 0.5 T. wall 0.2.
Pattern makers tool of J Finnan. Bronze. Consists of a rod, roughly circular in cross section, irregularly faceted, with curving spatulate ends, forming an overall elongated S-shape. The spatulate ends are of differing sizes, each smooth and polished on the outer surface, hollow with flat rims on the other surface. One is pitted in the U-shaped hollow surface, and has a rounded tip, faceted on the outer edge. The other has a V-shaped hollow, relatively smooth surfaces, abruptly ending, slightly faceted at the tip on the outer surface. The spatulae appear to be welded to the rod, which is faceted at the joins.