Pattern maker's tool

Collection object

Flat plate, straight edge 4.8 curved edge 5.1 W. max 4.0 T. 0.35 L. short sides 2.4, 2.7 H. curved plate 3.1 T. 0.4, tapering to sides. T. handle 0.4
Pattern makers tool of J Finnan. Bronze. Consists of two plates of metal joined at right angles, with a handle centrally at right angles to the long axis. One of the plates is flat, slightly trapezoidal with one convex side. The other plate is curved, sitting on and matching the convex side of the flat plate. The angle of join is curved externally on the flat plate, and there is extensive solder on the inside of the angle. The handle is a triangular plate, extending to the edges of the plates, the inside corner clipped, and is held by solder. The flat plate is stamped J.F. on the inside on each side of the handle.