Licence, driving

Collection object

H. 18.6 W. 12.9
Licence, driving, city of Limerick 1916 - 1921. Waxed paper, one sheet folded. Printed on l. half, above: City of (city arms and motto) Limerick / Motor Act, 1903 / No. (712) / License to drive a motor car / (Martin McCarthy) / of (6 Exchange Street) Limerick / is hereby licensed to drive a motor car for the / period of twelve months from the (15th) day of / (March) 19(16), until the (14th) day of / (March) 19(17), inclusive. / (Wm. Nolan) / Town Clerk. L. bottom, small: Town Clerk's office / (registration and licensing dept.) / Municipal Offices, Limerick. R., bold: Fee 5/-. All the above is on the long axis of the sheet, extending 1.25 beyond the centre. At r. angles, on the r. half, are printed spaces for two renewals, filled in for 5 June 1917 - 4 June 1918 and 6 June 1918 - 5 June 1919, each signed by William Nolan, town clerk. To bottom l. of r. half: George McKern & Sons Limited . Printers. R/ has two handwritten renewals, one faded in green ink, signed in red by Nolan, the other 25 June 1920 - 24 June 1921, also signed Nolan, with initials of scribe below.

McKerns (priinter)