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Letter, typescript under printed head. Irish Prisioner's National Aid Society, Hon. Sec. Mr C. M Glade, 126 Ardilea St, Old Park Road, Belfast.  Date 23rd February 1940, signature (printed) C. M' Glade.   Regarding treatment of the internees in Derry Prision and the persecution of the people of North-East Ulster, enclosing a copy of report on the Christmas Day demonstration, received from one of the internees who took part. At a recent meeting in Derry, Councillor Maxwell, M. P. spoke against the treatment of the Belfast Republican internees as "of a very shocking nature.."  C. M' Glade, Hon Secretary, Runaide Onorach, appeals to the Council the position in North-East Ulster,  "that they may work unceasingly to end this reign of terror.... please do all that lies in your power to help them."

Enclosed: Report ( three pages) of the Christmas revolt and what followed it on Christmas morning.  ( The following is a copy of a statement by one of the internees who took part in the Christmas Day demonstration in Derry gaol. For obvious reasons we refrain from publishing the writer's name. )  However the writer outlines how the "revolt was a clean and dignified one, not a member of the Prision Staff being harmed, and it did not justify the bruality that was meted out. Richard Ryan and William Murray, two middle aged men in ill-health, Richard Heaney, a cripple, and Malachy Magill, a mere boy of seventeen, were savagely beaten. P. M' Cullogh was sent into a condition of hysteria and is still under medical care".