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H. 33.7 W. 21.1
Debenture, Harrison Lee & Sons Ltd., issue of a series of second debenture of £50 each; 23rd December 1925. No 40 made out to R M Lee. Single sheet folded in half, printed on four sides, the fourth to be folded to form a wrapper. Filled out in black ink, signatures of directors and secretary unclear. Front has two embossed green duty stamps at top left; one for a shilling the other for three pence, both dated 30-12-25 and showing a harp. The fourth side has a typed certificate of registration of the debenture where there is no trust deed, on left side; on right side is a printed summary of the contents with name of solicitor who did the legal work, F M Fitt & Co, Lr Mallow Street. Printed by George McKern & Sons Ltd.

McKerns (printer)