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D. 3.8 Wt.. 42.1
Medal, silver. Royal Humane Society silver medal, awarded to Richard J Lee 1881. O/ Young naked fat child, in cloak, standing facing right holding object in hand; Lateat Scintillula Forsan around; in exergue. Soc. Lond. in Resuscitat/ Intermortuorum Instit./ MDCCLXXIV. R/ Hoc Pretium Cive Servato Tulit, around outside of a wreath; inside Vit./ Ob Serv/ D.D./ Soc. Reg/ Hum. Engraved on edge, Richard J Lee 21st June 1881. Swivel suspension, dark blue ribbon, with rectanglualr fastener at top with safety pin fastener back. In worn case of the Society.