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H. 10.4 W. 15.2
Postcard, colour. Cruises Royal Hotel, Limerick, Ireland.; title in centre of bottom margin. View of hotel from across street from south; Tailorf... over shop to right; Savoia cafe to left. Several cars parked outside including two VW Beetles; one lane of traffic visible, includes a Beetle and a Ford Anglia. Reverse printed in blue; Post Card at centre top, around a letter C in a rhomboid; Cardall up inside of letter C. Published by Cardall Ltd., Dublin at bottom left; Printed in the Republic of Ireland, up centre as divider. Addressed to Mrs Catherine Wallace, Walnut Street, Everett, Massachussetts, USA , from Sue, having a lovelyt time. Two postage stamps removed, taking postmarks with them. Blue Aerphost Par Avion sticker at centre top.

Cardall Ltd (published by)