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H. 34.0 W. 41.3
Leaflet, printed. Second copy. Limerick Philosophical and Literary Society, 7 Aug 1843, accounts and shares of building fund, titled: Dr James Sayers Esq, Acting Trustee and Secretary, in acct with Limerick Literary & Philosophical Society Building Fund. Above, statement of credits and debits, i July 1843, examined and certified by George T Hill and Isaac W Unthank, exhibited to committee 7 Aug 1843, James Harvey, Chairman. Below, three column list of L5 shareholders, with numbers of issued shares and amounts, and donations received. Printed by George McKern & Sons, Limerick. Sheet printed one side, formerly folded to envelope size and addressed to Doctor Keane. Total shares 291, L1370, plus L34 broken shares. Donations total L130.18.6.

McKerns (printer)