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H. 34.0 W. 41.3
Leaflet, printed. Limerick Philosophical and Literary Society, 7 Aug 1843, accounts and shares of building fund, titled: Dr James Sayers Esq, Acting Trustee and Secretary, in acct with Limerick Literary & Philosophical Society Building Fund. Above, statement of credits and debits, i July 1843, examined and certified by George T Hill and Isaac W Unthank, exhibited to committee 7 Aug 1843, James Harvey, Chairman. Below, three column list of L5 shareholders, with numbers of issued shares and amounts, and donations received. Printed by George McKern & Sons, Limerick. Sheet printed one side, formerly folded to envelope size and addressed to Doctor Keane. Total shares 291, L1370, plus L34 broken shares. Donations total L130.18.6. Names to be added

McKerns (printers)