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Inspeximus (charter) of Oliver Cromwell to Limerick city, 10 February 1657. Text in Latin and English, beginning: Oliver, by the Grace of God, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth. Contents: 1609 charter of James I; Indenture dated August 1609 between Donat, Earl of Thomond, Bernard, Bishop of Limerick, Sir Fitzmaurice? Barkley and Sir Thomas Brown on one part, mayor etc on other, re boundaries of Limerick; Letters from Council of England 14 August 1609; Letters patent from Dublin, 3 June 1612; do 16 November in 18th year of Elizabeth. Two illegible signatures at end, the date 1692, and 'Temple, Master of the Rolls'. There are four signatures where the last page is turned up for signing and sealing: B A Stubb, illegible, Gerald? Lowther, John Corbett. Seals. Manuscript on seven sheets of cloth-backed parchment. Pages 60.0 x 61.0. The back of the last page has two rectangular pieces cut out revealing inscriptions: Naghten? 1824; A.W.R.K. 1826. H.M. Cromwell.