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H. 20.8 W. 13.0
Letterhead, "Black & White Seed & Feed oats/ The Celebrated/ Nitro Phosphate of Limer/ best manure for/ Turnips, Mangold wurzel, potatoes, corn and grass/ This manure is prized for its quality of remaining unperished in the land after the Root Crops and/ yielding the succeeding Grain Crop with the great advantage and abundance fully equal to the best/ Farm-yard Manure/ limerick 190 /../ Bought of R. Power & sons/ Offices and stores- Carr Street Sole Agents for this district/ Where the Celebrated Nitro Phosphate can be had/ [a breakdown of the product]/ Oats are only sold for nett cash on delivery/ best House Coals Steam Coals and bakers' coals at Lowest Prices/ O'Connor & Cp. Limerick". printed black on white. Watermark partial; a crown over "Government/ Fine". Made out 25-3-1902, as bill to Limerick Corporation for coal; and marked paid. Annotated in red. Rubber stamped and signed that certified by Ald. John O'Brien, for mayor.

O'Connor & Co (printer)