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H. 21.0 W. 13.3
Billhead, "52 Edward Street/ Limerick 193 / M..../ Dr. to C. Sheehan & Sons/ Builders & Contractors/ Doors, Window Frames, Sashes, Staircases &c made to order/ O'Connor & Co, Printers, Limerick". Printed black on white, with blue lines and columns below the head. Parallel lines watermark. Ms. letter, Con Sheehan to City Manager O'Mahony, June 13th 1938 re the problem of boys going into his tillage plot beside the People's Park over the low wall between the two and asking for the wall to be raised. Letter continues onto 3892. Rubber stamped that received in town clerks 14-6-1938.

O'Connor & Co (printers)