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H. 8.7 D. base 7.6 D. belly 9.8 D. rim ext 11.2 T. rim 0.6 T. fabric 0.6 H. handle 4.1 W. av 1.4 T. 0.4 Handle splay 3.0 at top, 2.9 at bottom
Mug, ceramic. Orange earthenware with fine grits, light orange external surface. Wheel turned. Flat base with convex profile and rounded widely everted rim. Short central ear-shaped strap handle, shallow u-shaped in cross section, splayed at top and bottom where it was thumb-pressed to the body, which has irregular thumb-prints where the paste was smoothened after applying the handle. Red and green-brown internal glaze, with small blotches of external brown glaze. A small sherd is missing from the rim opposite the handle, and this area is extensively cracked, and an iron-bearing substance adleres to the external surface here.