Pattern maker's tool

Collection object

L. 16.0 W. 8.2 L. rod 10.4 D. rod centre 0.5 ends 0.4 Square section 0.5 Ends 1. L. 4.9 W. 1.4 T. wall 0.1 2. L. 5.2 W. 2.0 T. wall 0.1
Pattern makers tool of J Finnan. Iron. Consists of a rod, circular in cross section, with spatulate ends, each at an angle of c.45 degrees to the rod. The rod narrows towards the ends before widening to a nearly square cross section above the ends. The ends are rectangular in outline, convex on the outer surface, concave on the inner, and are attached to the rod, by welding, with a rectangular drop, on one end of each concave surface. The larger end has the makers name engraved on the concave surface: J. Monks & Sons (Upward arrow).