Pattern maker's tool

Collection object

L. 13.1 W. 4.1 L. rod 8.2 D. max rod 0.65 Spatulae 1. L. 2.9 H. at rod 0.7 W. at rod 0.8 2. L. 3.2 W. 1.3 H. 0.6
Pattern makers tool of J Finnan. Bronze. Consists of a rod, circular in cross section, with curving spatulate ends, forming an overall elongated S shape. The spatulate ends are of differing sizes, each smooth and curved on the outer surface, slightly hollowed and rough on the inner surface. The smaller spatulate end is slightly wider than the rod at the join, and it narrows evenly to the round pointed tip. The larger is square shouldered at the rod end, and is of even width to the rounded tip.