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H. through frame max. 28.5 W. 23.0; inner frame H 44.8 W. 38.4 outer H. 50.5 ;W. 45.2; label H. 3.8 W. 9.5
Painting, oil. William Corbett, City Surveyor 1857-99 by H. O'Shea. 1890s. Head and shoulders portrait, looking to his left of centre; balding, with big bushy white beaqrd and moustaches,; wearing a dark blue jacket , white shirt and bowtie to match jacket.
Set in an ornate gold frame, with rounded top to opening through which painting viewed. The whole is then set into an outer frame of plain black beading with glass front; lining of outer seems to be brown velvet. From the lower edge of frame, on two short chains is a lbrass label, inscribed with name, position and dates as above.

Henry O'Shea (made by)