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H. 26.7 W. 20.8
(white paper, typed in black,watermark) ,

Letterhead. John Dundon, Solicitor and Notary Public, 101 O' Connell Street, Limerick.  Top left of page John J. Dundon, Solicitor. Telephone No. Solicitor to Limerick Corporation.  Top right of page 101 O' Connell Street, Limerick. Date 26th January 1934.  From John J. Dundon, Solicitor, to Messrs W. Leahy & Son, Solicitors, Newcastle West, Co Limerick. Re: Bolger  v Walsh.  Refering to an application for Examination order which is adjourned until the 12th aprox. enclosing letter from the defendant dated 2th December last. Get instalment order for the amount on the terms as set out, should run from the 12th February.