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H. 37.8 W. 25.4
Poster. Theatre Royal Limerick; The Jealous Wife, Ballet Divertissement and Turning the Tables, 25th July 1855. Printed by James D. Goggin, 37 Patrick St. Performances presented by Mr Granby, with permission of mayor Henry O'Shea. Tickets from James D. Goggin, Boxes and Stalls, 2s, Pit, 1s and Gallery 6d. Casts of pieces; Mr Bellair, Mr J. webster, Mr Vaudrey, Mr Angel, Mr Mulford, Mrs Parker, Miss Wilton, Mr T.C. King, Mr Sullivan, Mr Granby, Mr Stinton, Mr Jones, Miss Mortyn, Miss Robertson, Miss F M'Donnell, Miss kate kennedy, Miss J. Bellair, Mlle Ernestine St Louin, Mr W. Ellerton. Musical director Mr W. FDaly, Stage Director Mr Mulford. Printed black on white on one side only. Lacking two corners; paper brittle