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H. 18.5 W. 34.9
Certificate, birth, modern copy, printed form with manuscript additions. Frances Kate Lee, born 7th April 1881, issued 1951. Printed by A.T. & Co. Ltd. Form printed in black on white on one side only; headed, Registration of Births Deaths and Marriages 1061. Records birth of Kate, father Samuel Lee, Iron Founder, mother Kate F Lee (nee Byrne) of North Strand, registered by T J Gelston; baptised Frances Kate in May 1881. Certified a true copy by Thomas ? (damp stained) City Home and Hospital Limerick, 16th Aug 1951. red 1d postage revenue stamp, definitve issue with map of Ireland at bottom right. Folded in four, outer side as folded printed with fees payable. Damp stain along one fold has affected manuscript ink for c 1.5 cm on either side of crease.

A T & Co Ltd (printer)