Collection object: Gauge

Calliper gauge; steel. Main arm has two arms projecting one either side and a groove along the centre of the reverse. A carriage, made in several pieces, slides along the arm and is equipped with similar arms, which pair up for taking external and internal measurements. The carriage is held to the arm by a spindle passing through the housing at the rear and through a loop on a narrow arm which slides along the central groove of the main arm. A stud positioned at the end of the main arm on the reverse, prevents the narrow arm from jumping the groove. A tensioned steel plate fitted around the loop below the spindle provides pressure against the main arm. The spindle is threaded at one end, onto which fits a round nut with milled edges, which when screwed down tightens the carriage to the main arm. On the front the main arm is divided into centimetres subdivided into millimetres and inches subdivided into sixteenths Front of main arm stamped "GERMANY".
Identifier: 1989.0215.57
Physical Dimensions: Closed length 18.6, 6.5 from closed tip to tip.
Date: 1925 - 1950

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