Collection object: Clock, longcase

Horology, clock, long case, veneered. Late Georgian or early Victorian. The face of the clock is very plain, being a convex plate of white painted metal, with roman numerals for the hours and a graduated scale for minutes, all in black. In the centre of the dial are two circular perforations either side of the central hub allowing access with the winding key to the square sectioned ends of the winding bars. There is a copper alloy edge on the aperture on the left, but that on the right is gone. At top and bottom of the face inside the dial is the inscription, 'Robt. O'Shaughnessy / Limerick'. This inscription is slightly smudged or smeared, possibly from over-zealous cleaning of the face. There are two openwork copper alloy pointers mounted on the central hub, with retaining pin. The case consists of a broad foot of rectangular plan, with a ledge around the bottom edge, and two turned feet at front, which narrows via a convex and concave curve, to the long narrower trunk of the clock. This is plain, with a wooden door allowing access to the inside of the trunk. The door is plain, hinged on the right with two hinges, and with a simple double curved top. The edge overlies the edge of the opening. The door is fitted for a lock, but this is now gone, and the veneer is damaged at that point on the trunk, and lower down on the right of the trunk also. The hood is arched, with a gadrooned top edge, and is otherwise plain. The door has a circular glass pane with copper alloy surround, a small stud on the left for opening, and two hinges on the right. The transition from trunk to wider hood is via a broad concave curve, a small step, and a ledge on which the hood assembly sits. The case is open from top to bottom, except for the heavy 'shelf' upon which the mechanism sits. The weights are pearshaped, and the pendulum is a flat rod with a flat discus shaped lead, moulded (hammered) onto it. The case leans against the wall.
Identifier: 1988.0447
Physical Dimensions: H. 204.5 x W. 45.0 x W. 22.0 (all max)
Date: 1802 - 1840

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