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Painting, photographic print of, colour. View of New Bridge, Limerick, between Bridge St and Rutland St, attributed to Samuel Frederick Brocas, c. 1830. View looking downstream, from Charlotte's Quay, bridge to left, County Courthouse in centre (built 1811), tower of St. Mary's cathedral on extreme right beyond houses on George's Quay, and another tower, lower, nearer, behind the houses. Masts of ships visible beyond bridge, which is a three arched humpbacked structure. From left, woman with umbrella, barrels on edge of paved area, donkey and cart beside pile of stones, large coach and four crossing bridge, uniformed figures sitting at back. Large convertible carriage drawn by two horses in foreground in centre, two women sitting in it, crest or coat of arms on side and rear. To right of carriage, a child standing beside the river wall appears to be wearing a cast off uniform coat and hat many sizes too large. Right again, there is a standing figure (smoking clay pipe?) beside horse and cart, barrel on cart, cage with fowl under end of cart. On George's Quay, washerwomen on steps down to river, and on river's edge washing clothes. Above the river, on the quay itself, there is a very large crowd which appears to be going towards the bridge, and onto the bridge. There is a banner(?) visible midway along the quay in the crowd. A ridge-roofed canopy/structure with open sides stands in the street opposite the Bridge street end of the bridge. The buildings along George's Quay include two gablefronted structures, one in the Dutch style, also some long, low, squat buildings with steeply pitched roofs, and some large three or four storey brick 18th or 19th century buildings.
Identifier: 1988.0116
Physical Dimensions: H. 46.4 x W. 60.7 (framed), photo visible L. 38.6 x W. 46.7
Date: 1820 - 1840

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