Collection object: Bottle

Container, bottle, mineral water, Codd type, very pale blue/green ('aqua'). Embossed on body, '(curved) P. O' DONOVAN / (straight) TRADE POD MARK / (curved) LIMERICK', on back written vertically downward 'THIS BOTTLE IS LENT, / TO BUY, USE OR DESTROY / IS ILLEGAL'. Below this is '(curved) SOUTH WALES GLASS Co Ld / (straight) MAKERS / (curved) NEWPORT'. Rubber ring at neck, and wooden cap and plunger supplied with bottle, missing. This bottle is a relatively rare survival due to the fact that Codd bottles were generally broken by children to get the marble.
Identifier: 1988.0091
Physical Dimensions: H. 23.4 x D. max 6.0
Date: 1900 - 1925
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