Collection object: Hurley

Hurley, wood. Used by Cathal O'Reilly, Ahane, in the 2004 County Final. Names of players written on both sides in green. Varnished wood with two iron hoops, Lower with three tacks either side, upper with four, while both have a single larger rack where the terminals overlap on back edge/toe. Appears to have been repaired; with the top of the bas having snapped off and the upper band is actually a replacement holding the broken piece in place; location of earlier upper hoop indicated by three tack holes either side, with shanks of the central ones broken off in place. Grip of black wound tape with Karakal Pu Super Grip repeating along length.  Cup hook in butt end for hanging.. 
Identifier: 2017.0007
Physical Dimensions: L. 87.8 W. max. (diagonally on curve across bas) 13.7 min near top of handle 3.2
Date: 2004,135
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