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Rental, ledger, manuscript. Unidentified estate in the Limerick Tipperary border area, Stafford O'Brien? Initial pages have an index and space for comments; remainder is double page for each tenant.  Pages, blue paper with printed heads with red columns. Approx 33 gatherings in the book, with two blocks of entries, with unused pages separating the two and after the second entry.Entries span period 1858-77. Half leather binding, with cloth, but cloth missing from front and loose on back, spine uncovered. Inside covers marbled, inside front cover a sticker D.W. Carroll, Sackville Street, Dublin. Some pages watermarked with fleur-de-lis in cartouche
Tenants, by name and townland. (Modern spelling in brackets ater first entry where relevant) 
Block 1) All Owneybeg barony. Co. LImerick
1) Reps of Rev. Rickard Lloyd. Tower Hill or Tuogh, Carrickeenemenane, Callocane, Glessanreaske or Portenard (Portnard) or High Park, Barragorageen, and Coonegavell
2) Sir John Repton, Iaragh and Killuragh
3) Sir Richard de Burgho, Drumsallagh, Drumalta, Drumclogher
4) Rev. Francis Stowell crossed out Col. Alcock Stowell inserted. Turneteriffe, Tinaraffa, Tonarisa
5) Pat Berracree (Brien), Minacree (Muingacree)
6) Patick Berracree (pat) crossed out, Hannah Berracree inserted. MInacree
7) Reps Michael Berracree, Minacree
8) James Berracree, Minacree
9) Andrew Kennedy, Garravane (Gannavane)
10) Patrick Kennedy, Garravane
11) Michael Berrane, Garravane
12) John Madden, Garravane
13) John Berracree, Falleenadatha
14) Edward Berracree, Falleenadatha
15) Timothy Gleeson, Falleenadatha
16) William Butler crossed out and son Patrick inserted  1866, Kilduffahow (Kilduffahoo)
17) Michael Butler, crossed out wife, margaret inserted, son then inserted, land given over on son's marriage to a daughter of Michael Gleeson. Kilduffahow
18) Michael Godfrey, Kilduffahow
19\) Reps of Danield Godfrey (obit Dec. 1865), Killduffahow
20) Henry Godfrey, Kilduffahow
21) Reps Mathew Godfrey (obit 1868) crossed out and John Brien inserted, Kilduffahow
22) John Brazill, Kilduffahow
23) Martin Brazill, Kilduffahow
24) William Gleeson, (James) crossed out and Honora inserted; Kilduffahow, Farnane and Cullina (Cullenagh)
25) ditto except Honora omitted; sons Maurice and George
26) Martin Gleeson Kilduffahow, Cullina
27) Patrick Gleeson, Killduffahow, Cullina
28) Michael gleeson,(Tim), Klduffahow
29) George Butler, ditto
30) ? Ryan, crossed out, Timothy Gleeson inserted, Buffanoky
31) William Ryan, ditto 
32) James Doyle, ditto
33) William gleeson, succeeded by son William, ditto
34) Roger Keogh, ditto
35) Johanna Keogh, ditto
36) Michael Ryan, ditto
37) Michael Carroll, crossed out and George Gleeson (Michael) inserted, ditto
38) Michael Hayes, Farnane
39) William Macnamara, Nov 1861, William son of tenant married Michael Gleeson (James), ditto
40) Timothy Teefy (obit 28 feb 1866) crossed out, son Patrick inserted, ditto
41) Patrick Clarke, ditto
42) omitted due to page misnmbering
43) Daniel Cormack. ditto
44) James Butler, ditto
45) Thomas Hayes crossed out Mary Hayes, widow, inserted, ditto
46) Denis Molony crossed out, Michael Molony inserted, Farnane & Cullina 
47) Robert Garrett, Farnane
48) Thomas Cummins, crossed out, John Cummins inserted,  ditto
49) Brian Martin, Farnane & Cullina
50) Mary Fogarty (Martin), Farnane
51) Mary Ryan, crossed out, John Welshe late of Bilboa married Mary, Farnane & Cullina
52) John Leonard, Farnane
53) Patrick Sullivan, ditto
54) Denis Maley, ditto
55) Mary Murphy, crossed out, Thomas Ryan inserted, ditto
56) Reps. of John Murphy (obit 1863), ditto
57) Richard garret, ditto
58) John Flinn (dealer), Farnane & Cullina
59) Reps. of Daniel Hennessy, Farnane
60) Edmond Ryan (cooper), ditto
61) Patrick Ryan, crossed out, Reps Patrick Hayes, crossed out  Pat clarke (fiddler)
inserted. Haye married widow yan in 1865, she died 1867, he remarried and died 1869. His widow sold to Clarke, ditto.
62) John Nicholas, Farnane
63) John Doyle, Buffanoky
64) Michael Ryan, Cullina
65) Reps of Michael Burke mill, ditto
66) Richard Hayes, ditto
67) John Brien, ditto
68) Michael Bourke (Jade), ditto
69) Michael Biurke (Thos), crossed out, Thomas Bourke (Michael) inserted, ditto
70) Thomas Molony, ditto
71) John Connors, ditto
72) Garret Hayes, ditto
73) John Flynn, ditto
74) Judith Connors, ditto
75) Thomas Bartley, Cappamore
76) Edmond Hayes, ditto
77) James O'Brien, ditto
78) John Fitzgerald, ditto
79) Reps. Judith Ryan, ditto
80) Rev. Patrick Ryan, ditto
81) William Butler, ditto
82) Winifred Connors, ditto
83) Michael Daly, Farnane
84) Michael Ryan (Larry), Cappamore
85) James Fitzgibbon, ditto
86) James Molony, now Thomas Ryan, Farnane
87) John Welshe, passage through Crahane to Buffanoky
88) John Deer, ditto
89) Reps of Alexander Hoopes, Bohercrowe (tan yard)
90) ditto, Bohercrowe (Baker's tenement)
91) John Massy, Bohercrowe
92) Reps. Simon Ronan, Knockincawley
93) J. Costelloe, Bohercrowe
94) Michael Kinnane, Arloman
95) James Crowley, Bohercrowe

Block 2, all near Tipperary town
1) Denis Hogan, Bohercrow
2) Mrs John Dwyer, crossed out, son James inserted, ditto
3) Michael Garvey, crossed out replaced with James Dwyer, ditto
4) Reps. of joseph Ryan, ditto
5) Denis Hogan, ejected, crossed out replaced with Ellen Ryan his sister in law, ditto
6) John Moloney, crossed out  replaced with Mary and John, both crossed out and Thomas, ditto
7) Patrick Houlahan, crossed out, Ann his widow inserted, now William Sexton, ditto
8) Patrick barron, ditto
9) James Connell, ditto
10) Thomas Traavers Adams, ditto
11) James Cranley, ditto
12) Thomas Devereux, ditto
13) Thomas Ryan, ditto
14) Lt Col. Joseph Clarke, Bohercrow &  Knockinrawley (Knockanrawley)
15) John Massy Bohercrow, Reps of Simon Ronan, Knockinrawley 
16) Weekly holdings, Bohercrow
17) Robert Heuston, ditto
18) Nicholas Sadleir,  Bohercrow, Lackentedane & Branshamore 
19) Mrs Michael Ryan, crossed out, Matthew Ryan added, Bohercrow & Branshamore 
20) Rev John Crooke, Bohercrow
21) Reps. Alexander Hoops (Robert Heuston) Boher crow (Baker's Tenement), Reps. Alex Hoops (George Bradshaw) crossed out and William Bell added, ditto tanyard
22) Hannan, Finn and Fitzgerald,  Bohercrow
23) Patrick Casey, crossed out, Bridget added, ditto
24) John Breen, ditto
25)  Edmond Donnell by James  Ryan (obit 7th May 1866) and Edmond Dnnnell, all crossed out  replaced by Ann Ryan wife of James, ditto
26) Mrs Howard Bowes, crossed out Mary Welshe cinserted and crossed out, Michael Gillane added, undertenants atherine Fitzgerald and Thomas Baragray, ditto
27) John Meagher, now Margaret Finn, crossed out, John Finn father of Margaret, Thomas Hanrahan inserted, Eugene Sullivan tenant, ditto
28) Unclear crossed out, Thomas Bourke now John Connors insered, Bohercrow & Knockinrawley
29) Russel Sadleir by John Andrews, Bohercrow
30) Thomas reardon deceased, now Mrs Frances Sadleir, widow, ditto
31) John Costello, crossed out, Mary Costello inserted, ditto
32) Mathew Quillinan, Bohercrow, Clonpet & Ballinleenty
33)Mrs Ellen Bradshaw, Bohercrow, Knockinrawley Faunagouna, Reps Edward Murnane, Knockinrawley
34) John Dwyer (obit 23rd Sept 1863), crossed out, William Dwyer added, Bohercrow
35) John Bradshaw, ditto
36) Michael Coleman, ditto
37) Denis O'Brien, crossed out, James Wyse crossed out, Denis Ryan crossed out, Michael Breen, ditto
38) Michael Ryan  surname crossed out and breen added, ditto
39) John England (obit May 25th 1869), ditto
40) Timothy Flaherty and John Morony crossed out Tobias English inserted, ditto
41) James Campbell now Patrick Wall, ditto
42) Reps. Talbot  & Quillinan and Henry Quillinan crossed out, Ellen Quinlan added (elsewhere Quillinan), Knockinrawley
43) Reps. William Purse Rev Richard Mautravers, crossed out, James Purse added, ditto
44) John Robert Heurston, Knockinrawle, Garryduff & Arloman (Ardloman)
45) George Devereux, Knockinrawley
46) Pritchet & Dickson, by Michael Anthony Ring, Waterford, ditto
47) Reps of Patrick O'Brien (obit Sept 24 1869), ditto
48) Patrick Dawson, John Dawson and Rhodolph Fahy, ditto
49) Richard Doherty, Knockinrawley and Fanagouna
50) Rev. Arthur Gore? Ryder crossed out  Thomas Mattews inserted, Knockinrawley
51) Michael Connell (obit April 8 1864) crossed out  son John inserted, Ballinleenty
52) John Dillon, now William (son), Edmnd Danaher (ejected 1864) all crossed out, Michael Butler inserted, Garryduff
53) John Lindsay , Ballinard nr Fethard Tipp.
54) Timothy Doherty, Arloman and Lackentedand?
55) Edmond Sweeney crossed out and son Denis inserted, Arloman
56) Michael Kinnane,ditto
57) William Bourke, ditto
58) Arthur Dannaher, ditto
59) John Krilly, ditto
60) Michael Hickey, ditto
61) Patrick Grogan, ditto
62) John Egan, ditto
63) Owen Egan, Bridget Egan, ditto
64) James Dwyer, ditto
65) Nancy Egan, ditto
66) John Bourke, Patrick Keilly crossed out James Dwyeer added, ditto
67) Michael Keilly, ditto
68) Jeremiah Keilly, ditto
69) Martin Dillon, crossed out Anthony Ryan(obit 22 June 1872) now Ellen Ryan widow, added, Clonpet
70) Mrs Mary Quirke, Clonpet
71) Daniel Kinnane, ditto
72) Thomas Quirke, ditto
73) John Prendergast (obit 29th March 1873) now his widow, ditto
74)  William Donovan, to Thomas Quirke, ditto
75) Reps Denis Donovan jnr, ditto
76) Edmond Delaney. ditto
77) Dennis Donevan, crossed out widow Catherine inserted, ditto
78) Margarret Quillinan, Michael Ryan, crossed out Mary Ryan widow inseerted, ditto
79) John Dwyer, crossed out, Matt Quillinan, inserted, ditto
80) Edmund Crotty, James Looby, crossed out, Edmund Crotty inserted, ditto
81) Michael Crotty, crossed out, Timothy Crotty added, ditto
82) Philip Ryan, now Patrick Ryan, Ballinleenty & Branshamore (Breanshamore)
83) Thomas prendergast, Ballinleenty
84) Patrick Merrigan,. dittc
85) Michael Merrigan (obit 1872) , now Ellen, his widow; ditto
86) John Merrigan, crossed out, ditto
87) Margaret Donevan, crossed out, Edmond Neill, added he married daughter of Margaret, ditto
88) Thomas Mulcahy, ditto
89) Thomas Moloney, ditto
90) Mary Londergan, crossed out, John Power added, ditto
91) William Merrigan, Ballinleenty & Gortagoulane (Gortnagowlane)
92) Ellen Ryan (Bourke), Ballinleenty
93) reps Dennis Ryan (obit Feb. 1870) for Daniel Ryan, ditto
94) Patrick Ryan, ditto
95) Whilliam Magher, ditto
96) Thomas Finnin, ditto
97) John O'Neille, ditto
98) Timothy Doherty, Lackentedane (Lackantedane)
99) Dennis Doherty, , Lackentedane & Branshamore
100) John Merrigan, crossed out, som William added, Gortagoulane & Ballinleenty
101) John Thompson, Faunagouna (Fawnagowan)
102) John Butler, crossed out replaced with Thomas, Faunagouna
103) Thomas Roche, Michael Roche, ditto
104) Dennis Lowry, now Patrick Lowry, ditto
105) Widow Margaret Lowry, crossed out, Thomas and Michael added, ditto
106) Michael Lowry, ditto.
107) Mary Londergan, ditto
108) Patrick Londergan, ditto
109) Thomas Byrnes crossed out William King added, ditto
110) Thomas Cooke, crossed out, ditto
111) Reps of James Connors (obit Sept 2 1866) crossed out, Patrick Connors inserted, ditto
112) Daniel Coughlan, ditto
113) James Connors, ditto
114) Michael Kennedy, crossed out, Timothy Cranley, inserted, ditto
115) Reps. Ellen Casey (obit Dec 22 1866), crossed out, John Casey added
116) James Hickey, ditto
117) John Dillon, Branshabeg & Clashalaher
118) Reps John Cross, ditto
119) James Doherty, ditto
120) Mrs Mary Donevan, crossed out, son Dennis (obit Feb 25 1871) added, note dennis's widow took over, ditto.
121) Corneliue Ryan now his son Wlliam, Branshabeg
122) Thomas Neill, John Dwyer, crossed out son John Dwyer inserted, Branshamore
123) James O'Brien, ditto
124) Patrick Cranley, ditto
125) Widow Mary Bourke, crossed out, Redmond inserted, ditto
126) Reps Judith Fitzgerald
127) Doherty, ditto
128) Mrs Honora Duggan, crossed out, son Edmond inserted, ditto
129) Edmund Croagh, Denis doherty, bth crossed out, ditto
130) Reps James Kinnane, crossed out, widow Alice Kinnane added, ditto
131)Governors of the Bank of Ireland, Knockinrawley
132) Rhody Ryan, Bohercrow
133) Lawrence Magrath, Branshamore
134) John Byrne, Arloman
135) Kennedy Brien, crossed out John Merrigan inserted, Bohercrow
136) Patrick Ryan, ditto
137) William Bradshaw, Nelson St. Tipperary,ditto
138) Patrick Carew, ditto
139) Patrick barron, ditto
140) Charles McCurtain, Knockinrawley
141) Henry Ryan, ditto
142) Oliver Welshe, ditto
143) Patrick Dwyer, ditto
144) Catherine Callaghan, ditto
145) Mrs Ellen Bradshaw, Bohercrow, Knockinrawley, Faunagouna, reps Edward Murnane, now J.E. Dalton, Knockinrawley
146) Weekly Holdings 
147)  ditto
148) ditto
149) J.E. Dalton, rep of Richard Edward? Murnane, Knockinrawley
150) Michael Maher, ditto

Identifier: 2015.0020.152
Physical Dimensions: H. 38.2 W. 26.1 Thickness 8.0
Date: 1858,135,1877
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