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Ledger. Share register of Kildimo Creamery 1914 onwards. Made by Guy & Co. Limerick.
Alphabbetical index at front, followed by 207 pages for entries, In purple cloth covered board cover. repaired with brown tape.
Entry pages printede in black with red colums, Spaces for name and address, shareholding and dates of transfer. Filled out in a variety ofpens and hands First main entry 1914, last 1973. Most of entries conclude with either transfer to George Kennedy or to new ledger.
Entries below give name of person, address and name transferred to
1) Katie Goggin, Kildimo, G. Kennedy
2) Mary Quilty, Ballycahane, Patrick Quilty.
3) John Moloney, Ballycasey, Catherine Casey, Jim & ? Casey
4) James McMahon, KIldimo. James Mcmahon
5) James Hourigan, Court, Mary Hourigan, unclear name  George Kennedy
6) Margaret O'Brien, Court, George Kennedy
7) Thomas Culhane, Clouncurrah, Michael Culhane Kilfinny
8) Michael O'Neill, Ballycasey, Mrs, O'Neill, Michael jnr.
9) Michael Fitzgerald, Pallaskenry, George Kennedy
10) John O'Shea, Kildimo, Mary O'Shea, Gerard O'Shea
11) Michael Mulqueen, Glenameade, Annie Mulqueen, Thomas Lyons (John Loftus)
12) Edward Byrne, Kildimo, Michael Byrnes, Bridget McMahon (J. Heyes)
13) Richard maume, Bolane, R. Shanahan
14) Rev. Patrick J. Coleman, Pallaskenry, G. Kennedy
15) Michael E Cussen, Pallaskenry, John Cussen, G. Kennedy
16) Michael Staff, Ballinacarriga, James Staff
17) John Stokes, Ballyculhane, Thomas Stokes
18) Michael Carroll, Court, Michael Carroll
19) Patrick O'Rourke, Ardrahan, John O'Rourke
20)  John O'Rourke, Dereen, John J. O'Rourke
21) John Fitgerald, Ballinacarriga, G. Kennedy
22) Jeremiah Hayes, Ballycasey, Mrs Jeremiah Hayes
23) Johanna Stokes, Old Kildimo, John Stokes, G. Kennedy (Ned Ftizgibbon, Ballinacurra)
24) Michael O'Brien, Ballyculhane, Michael O'Brien
25) John Stokes, Ballyculhane, Johanna Considine, Laurence Considine
26) John Nealon, MIddlefield, Edward Nealon
27) Joseph walsh, Old Kildimo, G. Kennedy (Mrs O'Neill Old Kildimo)
28) Thomas Lyons, Bolane, JOhn J. Lyons, mrs Lyons, Joseph Lyons
29) Michael Sheahan, Ballinahalee,  James Cahill, G. Kennedy
30) James Miller, Kilbreedy, Henry Miller
31) Michael H. Sheehy, Shannongrove, John Sheehy, G. Kennedy
32) William Waller Decd. Castletown Manor, G. Kennedy
33) MIchael O'brien, Court, Thomas Staff, Ballydoole
34) Jeremiah Carmody, Carheeny, John McKeogh
35) Richard J. Kennedy, Rockfield, Richard Kennedy
36) James Stokes, Milford, John Stokes
37) Mary Naughton (Liston), Ballycasey, Joseph Liston
38) James Fitzgerald, Kildimo, Patrick Costello, G. Kennedy. Cheque to Margaret Costello for funeral expenses. 12/7/45
39) Patrick slattery, Kildimo, John Slattery, Margaret Slattery
40) Robert Hanly, Glenameade, Margaret Hanly, Michael Hanly
41) James Purcell, Knockroe, Joseph Purcell
42) Bridget McDonnell, Ballycasey, John O'Donnell
43) Catherine McDonnell, Ballycasey, Thomas O'Donnell, Mrs J. McDonnell, Mrs O'Neill, G. Kennedy
44) Thomas O'Keeffe, Ballyshonnick, John J. O'Keeffe
45) William Halpin, Dromaher, James Halpin 
46) Michael Neville, Shannongrove, Daniel Neville, Patrick Mortles?
47) John Hacket, Ballyvareen, Brigid Hacket, Mrs Madigan
48) Morgan O'brien, Ballycasey, Joseph Liston
49) Bernard T. O'Rourke, Ardlahan, Denis O'Rourke, James O'Rourke
50) Michael O'brien, Knockroe, Michael O'Brien
51) Edward Goggin, Coolbeg, John Goggin
52) James McCoy, Ballyvareen, Mrs McCoy, David Wrenn
53) William Guinane, Coolbeg, John Guinane
54) Patrick Dempsey, Ashgrove, Thomas Wall, Maria Wall,  Patrick Mulqueen
55) John Cahill, Kildimo, Miss Delia Cahill, G, Kennedy
56) Margaret Carroll, Kildimo, Dane Neville, G. Kennedy
57) Denis O'Connor, Bolane, John O'Connor, Desmond Madden
58) Thomas Slattery, Carheeny,  Joseph Slattery, Margaret Slattery, G. Kennedy 
59) Adam Neazer,  Ballycahane, Elizabeth Miller
60) Michael Carroll, Old Kildimo, Patrick Carroll, G. Kennedy
61) James Walsh, Ballinahalee, Thomas Walsh, Eamon Walsh
62) John WIlliams, Ballinacarriga, Michael Williams
63) L.E. Clarke, Ballynolan, Major Kennedy
64) Thomas Barrer, Castlegrey, G. Kennedy
65) Patrick Madigan, Ballinacorriga, Maryanne Madigan, P... Madigan
66) Kate Crotty, Kildimo, G> Kennedy
67) Margaret Kennedy, Ballycahane, Mortimer Kennedy, Patrick Kennedy
68) James Moloney, Court, Patricia Moloney
69) Ellen Hayes, Kildimo, William Hayes, Mrs hayes, Josephine Hayes
70) Michael Bourke, Ballycasey, Patrick Bourke
71) Michael Moloney, Court, Mrs Moloney, Gerard Moloney
72) James Nestor, Ballydoole, John Joe Nestor
73) Ellie Lynch, Dromaher, Patrick ? Lynch, David Lynch 
74) James Smith, Ballinacarriga, James Smith, G. Kennedy
75) Edmond Kelly, Blossomhill, John Kelly
76) Thomas O'Rourke, Glenameade, Thomas O'Rourke, George O'Rourke.
77) Timothy Foley, Cowpark, Stephen Foley, Jeremiah Foley
78) Patrick Hickey, Old Kildimo,John Hickey, Patrick Hickey
79) Patrick Lynch, Ballydoole, 
80) James Fitzgerald, Cragnacree, (moved to Clorane)
81) Michael McMahon, Ballyshonnick, Michael McMahon, Bridie McMahon
82) Michael Wallace, Washpool, Thomas Wallace, George bourke
83) Patrick Costelloe
84) Patrick Mulqueen, Glenameade, James Mulqueen
85) John Reidy, Ballyrune, Mrs M Reidy, G. Kennedy
86) James Madigan, Carheeny, Thomaas madigan
87) Rev. Father O'Donnell,  Pallaskenry,  G. Kennedy.
88) Thomas Hallornan Kildimo, James Nolan
89) Michael Enright, Pallaskenry, czancelled
90) Richar Nolan, Carheeny, New Houses Pallaskenry, Edward Enright
91) James Fitzgerald, Drumlohan, Patrick Fitzgerald Clorane
92) Charles McCarthy, Ballinacarriga, Thomas McCarthy
93) William O'Neill, Carheeny, William O'Neill
94) Thomas Lynch, Ballydoole, Kathleen Lynch Pallaskenry, G.Kennedy
95) Ellen Madigan, Ardlahan, Bridget Hacket, Jon Madigan, G. Kennedy
96) Mrs Kate O'Keeffe, Kilcornan, Michael O'Keeffe & James Nash, Laurence? O'Keefe & Francis Nash
97) John Joseph O'Donnell, Ballyrune, Michael O'Donnell
98) Patrick Giltenan, Coolbeg, Johanna Giltenane
99) James Dwane, Cartown, G. Kennedy
100) James Shaughnessey,  Knockroe, Michael O'Shaughnessey, James O'Shaughnessey
101) Patrick Noonan, Shanpallas Ballydoole, John Nunan
102) Bella Heavenor, Shanpallas, Kenneth J. Johnston
103) John Fitzgerald, Faha & Kildimo, Francis Guinane
104) Michael Dempsey, Ballyculhane, Michael Logan
105) Patrick O'brien, Mungret, G. Kennedy
106) Robert Lynch, Mount Pleasant written over Ballydoole, Robert jnr
107) Thomas McMahon, Ballinacarriga, Thomas McMahon
108) Michael Hayes, Ballycarriga, William hayes
109) Thomas Hayes, Ballycasey, Bridget Hayes, Bernard Hayes, Mrs Mary Hayes
110) Richard Millar, Kilcornan, Bertie Miller
111) John O'Brien, Court, Michael O'Brien
112) Matthew Keogh, Mungret
113) Patrick O'Shea, Court, Mary to Patrick O'shea
114) Patrick McMahon, Kilmoreen, Daniel McMahon
115) Thomas Naughton, Ballycasey, Mary Naughton, Mrs J. Naughton, G. Kennedy
116) Peter Miller, Kilreedy, Henry Miller
117) William Ruttle, Ballybrown, G. Kennedy
118) Mary Lidley, Bushy Island, Henry Sidley, James Downes
119) Mary Ryan,  Corcamore, WIlliam Ryan, G. Kennedy
120) John McCabe, Mungret, William McCabe, G. Kennedy
121) Michael Reidy, River Mount, Robert Reidy
122) Mrs Casey, Rivermount, John Casey, George Kennedy
123) Patrick Dundon, Ferrybridge, from Mrs Foster
124)  Thomas Connors, Ferrybridge,Patrick Purcell, Miss Celia Purcell, G. Kennedy
125) John Burns, Ferrybridge, James Burns, ASeamus stokes
126) John Mulqueen, Newtown, Josephine Costello, G. Kennedy
127) John Madigan, Ardlahan, John Madigan, G. kennedy
128) John Buckley, Rivermount, William O'shea
129) Bridget Slattery, Faha, William Hourigan, Michael Hourigan
130) Richard Kennedy, Blossomhill, Daniel Kennedy
131) Patrick Fahy, Corcamore, Mrs Martin Purcell, G. Kennedy
132) Michael Kiely, Clarina, G. Kennedy
133) JOhn Kiely, Clarina, G. Kennedy
134) Mrs Anne Fahy, Kilcoleman, John Fahy, G. Kennedy
135) Mrs Dowling, Breska, John Dowling
136) Miss Mary Hallinan, Breska, G. Kennedy
137) James Sheahan, Breska, Michael Sheahan, G. Kennedy
138) John Kennedy, Blossomhill, Daniel Kennedy, Mrs John Kennedy, Mrs M. O'Connell
139) Patrick Mann, Ferrybridge, William Mann
140) Patrick Gleeson, Clarina, G. Kennedy
141) John Fahy Breska 'Court, G. Kennedy
142) William Donovan, Briska, Patrick O'Donovan, Thomas Molony
143) Mrs Dowling, Tervoe, G. Kennedy
144) Patrick Hacket, Tervoe, Michael Hacket, G> Kennedy
145) Michael Keyes, Newtown, G. Kennedy
146) William Moroney, Newtown, G. Kennedy
147) James Shaughnessey, Clarina, G. Kennedy
148) John McElligott, Ballydoole, G, Kennedy
149) William Collins, Newton, Mrs Collins, G. Kennedy
150) John  J  Maher, Drumlohan, 
151) Joseph Sheehy, Court, 
152-154) blank
155-56) George C. Kennedy
157) blank
158) Some notes
159-204) blank
205-06) record of  contributions of nos. 1-149
207) blank.
Identifier: 2014.0082
Physical Dimensions: H. 32.7 W. 21.7
Date: 1914 to 1973

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