Collection object: Limerick lace

Lace, Limerick lace. Tambour shawl c 1880 on machine net. The border has a repeating pattern consisting of an oval shape capped internally with three rosettes; externally on the centre a daisy with a cross centre, the outer petals protruding beyond the edge, and the top and bottom of the oval, with outward spiralling stems two sets of paired filled oval leaves; between the oval shapes the edge has five touching rosettes, the outer half protruding, with, on the inside of the scarf from them a plant motif with filled and open leaves, berries and on one side a rosette: this plant motif is repeated alternately in mirror image. Towards the ends of the scarf the border pattern is enriched; immediately on the inside of the oval- shape rosettes with a line of seven four spoked thick edged circles, a smaller thick edged circle at each end; inside the scarf from the first such line a garland of solid dots from a rosette base, the garland surrounded with five stems bearing paired and tripled filled oval leaves; inside the second such line a plant motif with two sets of filled oval leaves on the stem and three branches each with three berries in line, a rosette to each side of the motif. Joining these, parallel to the edge of the scarf, are curved bracket shapes of stems with paired open oval leaves, the uppermost terminating with two spirals. In the corners of the scarf the lines of spoked circles continue forming a deep U-shape into the corner, with above it, a larger version of the garland of dots motif, and, above this, the open-leaf stem edging forms a garland with a rosette at the top. The centre-piece of the ends is a large fern like plant, bearing large open-work flowers capped with lines of dots, stems of paired filled leaves, lines of spoked thick circles, daisies and rosettes. At the top of this motif is repeated along the scarf, alternately in pairs, one to each side, and singly, in the centre. The field around the centre-piece has spaced rosettes, and immediately above it is a small version of it bearing filled leaves, berries, daisies and rosettes. The whole of the net has dots arranged in staggered lines, the dots on the lines 3cm apart, the lines 1.5 cm apart. The dots are tripled in density in the ornate borders of the ends.
Identifier: 1986.0162
Physical Dimensions: L. 255.5, H. of ornament at ends 64.0, W. centre of scarf 46.0 W. ends 50.5
Date: 1875 - 1900
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