Collection object: Limerick lace

Lace. Limerick lace stole. Long strip of even width with slightly expanded ends. The ornament is outlined with several threads giving the appearance of one large thread. Each side is bordered with a strip of floral ornament in the form of leaves, bell shaped flowers and rosettes and ball headed stema. The ends are identically infilled for 53 cms with a floral pattern of ferns, rosette and bell shaped flowers, arrow shaped leaves and broad leaves infilled with a lattice of losenge shapes with central dots. The body of the stole has well spaced leaf and flower ornament arranged alternately in lines of three and two across the width of the stole.
Identifier: 1984.0112
Physical Dimensions: L. 266.0 W. 28.0 W. ends 34.0 Spacing of body ornament: on line, 7.0 - 8.5 apart, between lines c. 7.0.
Date: 1880 - 1900
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